Why Choose Us?

A Helping hand through innovation.

We are here to be your helping hand, and we will walk with you through your technological challenges. Please take advantage of our passion and experience in IT to provide you with simple yet innovative solutions to take your business to the next level.

We understand the need for a stable and resilient IT infrastructure in a successful business.  The less time you spend on issues, the more time you engage with your customer allowing you to focus more on your business


Our team aims to mitigate your system’s downtime by planning forward to identify problems before it even happens instead of the usual strategy of troubleshooting issues when it occurs.


Our goal is to build a long-lasting relationship with you based on trust and integrity as we handle your IT systems and provide solutions to minimise your IT problems and issues.

We make it simple for you to navigate the IT space with a cost-effective approach to transform and evolve your business.Through a non-intrusive and simple implementation, you can access your local desktop and server-based apps from any location on any device.- Ally and Donna - Owner (Will and Pascoe)
With the turn of events last year due to Covid-19, we have identified a use case for the cleaning industry. We need to develop the software app in a faster and cost efficient way. Partnering with Equiptech, we come up with a business model and agile project approach that meets the budget and time constraints. We will be releasing our MVP this May 2021!- Jess and Rem - Owner (Skrub Hub)
Being a start-up cleaning company, we are looking for a partner who can provide our basic IT needs in a very competitive cost. EquipTech provides a customized service program that suits our needs and budget.- Donna, Managing - Director (Quality Kleaners)
EquipTech has upgraded our IT to a new level of professionalism and simplicity. His eagerness to understand our organisations IT needs and then to craft out a whole new approach and to stream line our IT has proven to be very efficient and simple. They are dedicated to their client and easy to work with as they obviously knows their stuff and is keen to help where they can. I value that they takes a genuine interest in our IT needs and they are also a genuine bloke.- Mike Groom - Senior Pastor (Adelaide Christian Centre)

We are an Australian owned IT company based in South Australia with a passionate local team ready to conquer your IT challenges and provide solutions specific to your needs.


We like everyone to be able to stay abreast of digital developments. For us to do this, we provide a simplified cost model and affordable value for money services. We follow industry best practices and ensure proper close-out for each transaction.


We provide a non-intrusive and simple implementation approach with the best and most effective solutions to innovate and level up your business.  


EquipTech is composed of highly experienced individuals with a passion for information technology and continuous improvement.


We like everyone to be able to stay abreast of digital developments. For us to do this, we provide a simplified cost model and affordable value for money services. We follow industry best practices and ensure proper close-out for each transaction.  


We provide cloud-centric approach for you to take advantage the full benefits of cloud infrastructure including agility, scalability, elasticity, cost savings, and easier deployments.


We are a group of individuals who share the same mission “To empower people through technology”. We recognised the need for effective IT solutions to level up your organisation even if you have limited resources but want to take advantage of them.

We are driven to help our clients grow amid your technological challenges and build a partnership based on trust that is not only focused on outcomes but also the journey. Therefore, let your dreams be our mission, and your success is our fulfilment.



We aspire to empower organisations and small businesses, churches, and non-profit organisations by providing effective IT solutions that could help them bring in value through continuous improvement, thus removing digital stress to allow them to focus on what they do best.
Small Business Owners

Small Business Owners

Empower small business owners by providing solutions that could potentially help reduce overhead cost specific to their needs.

IT Managers

IT Managers

We provide assistance to IT managers by developing technical partnerships to provide additional IT support and skill augmentation.

Christian Churches

Christian Churches

Empower Christian churches by providing training and seminars to help them fully utilise technology to their advantage.

Non-Profit Organisation

Non-Profit Organisation

Helping non-profit organisations by providing IT support to overcome current challenges.

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