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Managed IT Services

Reduce your headache by taking advantage of our IT experience, which could lower your IT cost and provide you with your own virtual IT department that delivers solutions and answers to your IT problems.

IT Support Services

We provide a wide range of IT support and services that cater to both critical issues and minor ones.  This covers repair services from hardware to software, on-premise to cloud, and simple home to complex network systems.

Web Applications

We create effective and easy-to-use web and mobile development programs, from gathering and understating user requirements, developing applications, and integrating with APIs to solve actual user pains and meet business needs.

Web Development

Whether you are a start-up, small or medium enterprise, you will need a website and a web hosting package as part of your initial digital space journey.  Depending on your need, we can customize and develop an informative and responsive website within your budget.

Security Assessment

We utilise industry-standard practices that offer peace of mind and security as we offer advanced technological solutions that protect businesses on-premise and cloud environments. 

Full Cloud Infrastructure

We hold your hand as we take you on your journey to take advantage of all the benefits of full cloud infrastructure, including agility, scalability, elasticity, cost savings, and easier deployments.  We aim to enhance your IT assets’ resiliency for business continuity by using a hybrid cloud and on-premise solution.

Customised Solutions

We create user-centric and customer-specific solutions tailored to you, your client needs, and available IT assets and environments.  We develop apps and tools that support your digital transformation strategy to create a happy customer and keep them satisfied.

Simple and Effective Approach

We make it simple for you to navigate the IT space with a cost-effective approach to transform and evolve your business.  Through a non-intrusive and simple implementation,   you can access your local desktop and server-based apps from any location on any device.


We are here to be your helping hand, and we will walk with you through your technological challenges. Take advantage of our passion and experience in IT to provide you with simple yet innovative solutions to take your business to the next level.

What our clients say

EquipTech has upgraded our IT to a new level of professionalism and simplicity. Their eagerness to understand our organisations IT needs and then to craft out a whole new approach and to streamline our IT has proven to be very efficient and simple. They are dedicated to their client and easy to work with as they obviously know their stuff and is keen to help where they can. I value that they take a genuine interest in our IT needs and they are also genuine bloke.- Mike Groom - Sr. Pastor | Adelaide Christian Centre
EquipTech has been extremely helpful to all of our staff here at the Adelaide City Care. We were having ongoing IT problems in the office but since they walked into our office we no longer have these issues. I really appreciate how they are so quick to respond to phone calls or emails to questions from all of our staff. I highly recommend them to everyone with IT issues.- Gregg Manego - Administrator | Adelaide City Care
Being a start-up cleaning company, we are looking for a partner who can provide our basic IT needs in a very competitive cost. EquipTech provides a customized service program that suits our needs and budget.- Donna - Managing Director | Quality Kleaners
We make it simple for you to navigate the IT space with a cost-effective approach to transform and evolve your business.Through a non-intrusive and simple implementation, you can access your local desktop and server-based apps from any location on any device.- Ally and Donna, Will and Pascoe
With the turn of events last year due to Covid-19, we have identified a use case for the cleaning industry. We need to develop the software app in a faster and cost efficient way. Partnering with Equiptech, we come up with a business model and agile project approach that meets the budget and time constraints. We will be releasing our MVP this May 2021!- Jess and Rem, Skrub Hub