Cyber Security Issues?



Network Penetration Testing

We will discover any weaknesses and vulnerabilities for both your internal and external networks through our network assessment. We also provide strategies to further improve your security and defence against any malicious attack in your organisation.

Web Application Penetration Testing

Our team will uncover security risks and vulnerabilities regarding your web application, widespread attacks such as a cross-site attack, SQL injection, DDOS, and many more. Our web penetration testing will examine both authenticated and unauthenticated websites.

Cyber Security Training

Security awareness and practices have a significant contribution in protecting your organisation. EquipTech provides cybersecurity training covering many security awareness topics, best practices, and strategies to produce high-level security in your organisation.

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Security Awareness

Lack of awareness and human error placed a big risk in cyber-security, including simple mistakes like opening unknown email, using predictable passwords and many more. Our goal is to consistently educate your employees that will help you to increase security awareness and mitigate security risk that will result to prevent loss of money or reputation risk. Through our cyber-security training, we will help you and your employees understand proper security practices and identify cyber attacks coming from web, email or local breach.

Security Assessment

One of the best approach towards IT security is regularly measuring your security preparedness from any cyber attacks also known as security assessment. EquipTech offers periodic security testing of your IT system and network which also includes vulnerability check and penetration testing. Moreover, we also offers recommendation for best practices and solutions to mitigate future security risk in your organisation. Are you ready to take action and discover any hidden security risk in your organisation? Contact us now to find out more about our security assessment offerings.

Think out of the box

Cybersecurity risks always present a threat to all systems, whether you are an individual, small or big organisation. It does not discriminate against your social and economic status, and cybercriminals are unforgiving. To protect and mitigate risks, we have embedded in our project methodology specific services and a way of doing things to ensure that we manage and avoid these risks. We utilise industry-standard practices that offer peace of mind and security as we provide advanced technological solutions that protect businesses on-premise and cloud environments.

Act on it

How our security Assessment works?

We based our process and methodology through our years of experience and following best practices towards cyber-security.  Our process are divided in different stages including planning, discovery phase, corrective actions and reporting.

For best approach and to obtain high security assurance, assessment are performed periodically, at the least, yearly or if there are any major changes in your IT infrastructure.

Planning and discovery phase

The first stage is Planning and assessment preparation, where we start gathering information about security requirements and IT system analysis. Then this leads to Discovery phase, which identifies vulnerabilities by port scanning, foot printing, system & services identification and vulnerability analysis.

Finding verifications and reporting

Once results has been gathered, we will then continue with verification of findings and results through passive or active verification. Lastly, we provide findings report and presentations to walk through our clients for detailed corrective actions and remediation process.