Managed IT Service

IT Department at your fingertips


IT Support Service

IT support service provides a wide range of support to cater to critical issues and minor ones. This covers the typical troubleshooting from hardware to software, on-premise to cloud, and simple to complex network systems.

IT Procurement

We can walk you through the process by acquiring the right equipment and applications that fit your budget, provide more value to your money, and available when you need it.

Project Management

For your next project, either for an internal initiative or external customer implementation, our experienced Project Managers can assist you in business analysis, initiation, planning, monitoring, and close-out phases.

IT Staff Resourcing

Whenever you need an extra hand to assist you in augmenting your current personnel due to increasing workload and supporting your mid to long-term outsourcing strategy, we can provide a suitable and qualified IT workforce to meet your business needs.

Security Assessment

Cybersecurity risks present as a threat to all systems, whether you are a small or big organisation. We utilise industry-standard practices as we offer advanced security solutions that protect businesses on-premise and cloud environments.

Advisory and Consultation

Talk to us about your organisation’s vision. We will find a way to guide you in your digital transformation, business analytics, and how we can help mitigate any risk and future challenges.

How can our managed IT service add value to your organisation?

By partnering with us, we will be your outsourced IT department as a whole. It means, aside from real-time troubleshooting, you will also have your own IT manager and CIO that will guide you along the way to ensure you will have secure, stable and resilient IT system.

For your day to day operations, EquipTech will be your own IT support team, cloud support team, system and network team along with any IT assistance needed to help you grow and maintain your business hence giving you a stress free and peace of mind.

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Because of exponential growth and pace changing in IT industry, IT expenses becomes a hurdle. Therefore, No need to hire new staff, pay for server maintenance and other IT assets instead pay only a fix monthly rate our simplified costing model designed to help you plan your cost and improve your savings.


Our team aims to mitigate your system’s downtime by planning ahead of time to identify problems before it even happens, unlike the usual strategy of troubleshooting issue when it occurs. Our team will securely monitor your IT system and will alert us of any system issues, then we will troubleshoot those issues and provide solutions to prevent it from happening again.

Partner with us so we can take your business to the next level!

Our Process.

We provide below our 4-step process for us to qualify your needs in Managed Service and to deliver excellent clients experience.
1. Requirements Analysis

First, we would like to understand your existing system architecture and challenges to ensure that we provide solution which resolves each issue specific to your organisation.

2. Technical Discovery Phase

In this phase, our team will be setting up expectations and validation based on the requirements gathered. Afterwards, we will come up with decision criteria’s that will help in analysing the different options.  

3. Solutions Explorations

In this phase, we will propose and implement a solution based on your needs. A scalable, data driven and risk-based approach to manage and optimise your system with the best possible result.

4. Simplified costing model

Lastly, you can take advantage of our subscription based model which is fixed monthly payment that allows you to pay only for what you need.