Managed IT Services

To support your expanding business strategic need, we can guide you to ensure your IT backbone is secure, stable and resilient for the mid and long term. You will need someone to be on top of the situation, whether on-site or remote service, real time monitoring and alerts and for emergency response. From your transformation to a remote digital workplace, thereby ensuring your business continuity in varying economic environments. Customer centric, continuous improvements and adaptability is core to the ever-changing digital space, our team can support, monitor and manage the business IT system as it covers horizontal and vertical digital space expansion with our scalable, data driven, proactive and risk-based planning and execution approach hence giving you a stress free and peace of mind.

Our process of qualifying your need for Managed Services,

• Requirements Analysis – we would like to understand your existing architecture and challenges to ensure that the solution resolves each specific issue

• Technical Discovery Phase – setting up expectations and validation based on the requirements gathered. We come up with decision criteria’s that will help in analyzing the different options.

• Solutions Explorations – we will propose and implement a solution based on your needs. A scalable, data driven and risk based approach to manage your assets to ensure you optimize its utilization. Our solutions can vary from,

– Digitalization Strategy

– Digital Workspace

– Remote Access Software

– Cloud Services

– On-premise Services

– IT Asset Leasing Program

– Data Security Strategy

– IT Risks and Compliance

• Simplified costing model – You pay only for what you need

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